The Third World War is here.
Advance your Raw Human Capital to secure absolute victory.
About the Company

Throne Dynamics delivers public and private success for our investors, partners, and clients in noncooperative encounters, engagements, and arenas.

We do this through provision of militant education, strategic consulting, and extensive management of projects across the sociopolitical, economic, and military environment.

Your conscience, dignity, and freedom are the most valuable levers at your disposal in these early days of the Third World War.

We'll show you how to unchain them and deliver harsh strikes on your own behalf with full capacity, coherence, and competence.

Are you ready to win?



Your safety, loved ones, beliefs, and values are under sustained assault. The world has gone crazy. Every day brings more news of genocide, conflict, hatred, and hopeless fear for the future.

Voting harder will not save you. Relying on politicians only makes things worse. Integrity in government is gone and radicals are gathering in every corner of your society. The environment is destroyed. Mental health issues and addiction cripple your fellow citizens and poverty throws your once beautiful cities into crumbled sadness of crime and despair.

All of this is driven by brutal unelected bureaucrats, unmistakably marching in concert to enslave and terrorize you into place with violence and shame while they rapidly drain every last bit of value. They will leave you and your descendants bankrupt when it finally all collapses.

We can all see it. More importantly, we can all feel it. Your conscience is torn as you witness injustice from the sidelines. Your freedom is shackled with every new regulation, and your dignity is humiliated with each incremental subjugation under their incessant, lying propaganda.

This will not pause. They will not stop. Evil never offers mercy under any circumstances. You can no longer ignore or hide from this destruction.

Stand up and smash through their lies right now.


The road forward for you requires a difficult and challenging task. You'll have to let go of trust in things you've been taught your entire life to rely upon. This is frightening, because it means you'll feel alone as you get started. But you're not alone. Thousands of men have made the decision that they'd rather get up and walk with a vengeance as real masters of their own fate.

Read what happens when you rank your conscience, freedom, and dignity higher than obedience to lies:
"How foolish to think you can beat a system, playing by its rules! Today I’m building my own enterprise. Securing a future impossible when operating by permission."
This is what they have shaped you to be: An underutilized asset, full of untapped potential for power, authority, influence, and wealth. You've been relentlessly attacked and held down by those who have nothing but contempt for your ability to break free and fight. That is their dreadful mistake.

You must never accept their subjugation, subversion, and slavery.


Our Raw Human Capital assessment unlocks acute and proven truths:
  • They are afraid of you. You must cease your fear of them! Discover your inherent value in war with your Raw Human Capital Report. Show them what happens when they provoke a strong man to take determined action.
  • They are weaker than you think. They're powerless against men who build, fight, and lead with sacred purpose! Find out your personal Archetype and advance your power with newfound identity and meaning.
  • They are insanely stupid. How foolish to insult and humiliate the men who keep civilization alive! When a man rises against evil threats to secure his future and family, his savagery shakes the world. Use our roadmap to navigate the Third World War with competence.
  • You have everything it takes. Your absolute power lies in decision. You own your fate, and no one else. Put your Raw Human Capital to work today! Build, fight, and lead for you and your loved ones in new age that rises. Follow Company guidance to fully apply your value to absolute victory.


Throne Dynamics provides our Raw Human Capital Assessment and the resultant Builder, Fighter, and Leader Reports free of charge to members of the public. It's our mission to equip you with the choice of real freedom and tools to make sustained headway despite ugly assault on your identity and meaning.

Utilize the material for total advancement of your conscience, freedom, and dignity. You'll bring the best possible vengeance forward:

The bright, victorious future they seek to deny you.

Start your complimentary assessment now:

Identity and Meaning in War

Truth without apology

It's hard to accept reality when things are bleak and dangerous. We believe in full disclosure and radical acceptance as the best starting point.

Competent methods and tools

Violence, insurrection, and overthrow are crazed ways to approach your current challenges. We share intelligent strategies that equip you to win.

Sharp clear guidance

We are not a Party or a Church. We are the Company. Our focus is on your individual survival, momentum and triumph as a human being.

Vast knowledge base

Nearly a thousand years of family experience in navigation of states and empires is delivered in tandem with modern professional science.

Extensive global network

Officers of the Company and our Executive Cadre have in-depth networks on every continent except Antarctica. We provide acute collaboration.

Crucial human values

We believe in conscience, dignity, and freedom for every human being. Our work advances these bright principles with firm determination.